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Mommy and Me Shoes by PairendipityTM
Pairendipity: [pair-uhn-dip-i-tee] To find a pair of an item by good luck


It makes you happy to buy a pair of shoes. What if these shoes were comfortable, fashionable and were available in a coordinated style for toddler?

PairendipityTM was conceived when the founder/co-owner had to return to her full time position after giving birth to her second baby girl. Being a mother of 2 under 2, with a busy work schedule, she was in search of something that would offer a "connection" that could carry on all day between her and her babies.

Pairendipity moms feel connected knowing that their little princess' are walking in mommy's footsteps.

Our shoes unique features are:

Coordinating Styles
Pairendipity Shoes were designed specifically to bring busy moms a comfortable and stylish shoe with a coordinated style available for their toddlers.

Pairendipity Shoes' casual style offer the comfort and ease needed for your busy day.

All of our shoes are constructed of high grade uppers, soft linings, highly cushioned insoles with arch support and flexible outsoles. All of PairendiptyTM products are in conformity with the CPSC product safety regulation as in U.S Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008.

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